Becoming a Team delegate is a great way to volunteer! 

The Strongsville Athletic Booster Club counts on having a Team Delegate from each sport participate in the Booster Club. Having active participation from every sport is the best way for us to ensure we're prioritizing and supporting all of student-athletes needs.  A team can have more than one person as a Team Delegate.  If you are interested in being a Team Delegate, please contact one of our BOARD MEMBERS.

a team delegate is asked to:

  • Become a member of the Strongsville Athletic Booster Club

  • Promote membership and volunteering for the Strongsville Athletic Booster Club

  • Attend Booster club meetings (usually 1 hour per month)

Team Delegates are as follows:



Amy Shannon, 440-520-3031,

Basketball (Boys)

Tom Cendroski 216-870-2209 

Basketball (Girls)

Koula Kadras, 216-570-9901,

Cheerleading (Basketball)

Stephanie Kunovich, 440-429-7954

Cheerleading (Football)

Chrissy Merrill, 216-337-5914,

Cross Country (Boys)

Laura Housum, 440-915-4871,

Cross Country (Girls)

 MJ Ogrean,


Kathy Starek, 440-263-7567,

Golf (Boys)

Kendra Jeske, 440-915-4982,

Golf (Girls)

Tracy Kuhn, 440-213-0451,


Robin Micko, 440-334-7479,


Fred Siegrist 440-527-3328

Lacrosse (Boys)

Jim Keating, 216-392-6103

Lacrosse (Girls)

Jeanette Arnholt 216-849-8689 

Cindy Hokr, 216-407-0077

Soccer (Boys)

Steve Hryszko, 216-402-7493 

Soccer (Girls)

Kelly Thompson, 440-570-5033,


Jack Eppele,  440-241-2343,

Swimming / Diving (Boys)

Madonna Phillips 440-665-7301

Tricia Mayberry, 440-221-2901,

Swimming / Diving (Girls)

Madonna Phillips 440-665-7301

Tricia Mayberry, 440-221-2901,

Tennis (Boys)

Susan Foley 440-785-1018

Tennis (Girls)

Mo Weik, 440-799-3801

Track & Field (Boys)

Steve Mott, 440-570-5933,

Track & Field (Girls)

Kim Kreller 440-799-9276


Lori Quirino,  

Nick Quirino,


Candy Savage,



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